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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Say hello to my little friend

What's a princess without her little friends??? This little guy has to be my favorite of the 7 Dwarf's...it's Dopey! He just has the cutest little face, and when he goes back in the house several times in order to get a kiss from Snow White is just the cutest!

I was talking on the phone while putting him together (it's a very good thing I can't do this in my car), so I forgot to take pictures of the first 2 stages, but you'll get the idea!

Dopey was cut at 4" from the Disney Happily Ever After Cricut Cart. With all the layers these Disney characters have, I wouldn't suggest cutting them any smaller than 4", otherwise you'll run the risk of torn pieces as they come off the mat. I think a 2-page layout with Snow White & all 7 of her Dwarfs is a must...for another day!

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  1. Great Job, I did that once, I made then too small. With so much detail I guess I had to make it bigger. It came out great.