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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red, White & my baby's Blue's

And so it has begun...my 2 1/2 year old's baby book has pages!!! I was so overwhelmed with the amount of pictures, mementos & paper I had to chose from, that I had a really hard time figuring out where to begin. I ended up starting with a simple holiday layout, 4th of July! I started with a very busy background paper, so I wanted to keep the matting & embellishments very clean and simple. I used only black & white "frames" for the matting around the pictures, and added a little bit more color with a patriotic red, white & blue theme for the simple words/numbers/journaling matting. I played around with some stars I punched out and covered in glitter, but it ended up looking messy...sometimes less is more!

Using the Designer's Calendar Cricut Cartridge I cut the "July 4" and "Independence Day," sizing it to fit the empty space with the Design Studio. For "2009," I used the George & Basic Shapes cart, and welded the numbers together in Design Studio to create a solid date.


  1. Hi there! First of all, thank you so much for commenting on my blog. It was so very nice of you to take the time to visit me and leave such a helpful suggestion. I have been organinzing my newer photos in folders as I upload them to the computer. It is the old ones, pre-Adobe that I need to work on. They seem to have just transferred over in one GINORMOUS folder. LOL But, I'll get there!
    I added my name to your followers list up there! Your scrap pages are so lovely! I read your profile and giggled, because it could have been written about myself. LOL I look forward to future postings on your blog. And, again, thanks for stopping by mine!

  2. Thank you too! I'm really new to the blogging world, so I'm trying to post once a day if possible...it's helping to stay on track to get all of my upcoming projects done. Have a great day Tammy!

  3. Love this blog!!! It's got craftspiration!!