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Monday, April 11, 2011

Proud Moment...1st Blog Award

Hi All!

I was so excited when I checked my e-mail this morning and found that a fellow Blogger, Kathlee, has honored me with the Versitile Blogger Award! I'm amazed at how supportive all of the crafters are out there of us all, I'm so happy to be in the mix with you all now. Thanks again to Kathlee, you made my morning!

So here are the rules...

1. Thank the person who presented me with this award (CHECK)

2. Tell 7 things about myself

3. Pass it on to 15 Bloggers

Here goes the 7 things about myself...

1. I've got 8 weeks left to go until I have my 2nd baby.

2. I hate eating noises (i.e. people smacking their food, or talking with their mouth open...YUCK)

3. I dream about my next layout.

4. I try and laugh more than I cry.

5. I never get tired of hearing my sons little voice.

6. I could eat ice cream after every meal.

7. I'm a reality TV junkie.

Wow, that was harder than I thought...I hope I didn't bore you, LOL!

So now, onto the 15 Bloggers! I'm finding so many cool people through this Link Up Party over at Made by Momo so it should be pretty easy for me to name 15 people I've been inspired by recently:

1. Meg - she's my sister, and fellow Blogger (and I think she's amazing, check her out)

3. Kim

10. Sue

11. Trish

12. Amanda

13. Jovan

14. Angela

15. Deena

I'm so lucky I'm able to dabble in the crafting world, and it's so amazing to see all of your work...it's truly inspiring! Happy Crafting all, now go out and spread some love to more fellow crafters!!!

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