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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big Love for my Little Man

My cup runneth over...I never knew my heart could love so deeply! Don't get me wrong, I love my family, I adore my husband, but the love for your child compares to nothing else in life! I think that's why I am so mushy about this post, LOL!

There's really not much you can do to celebrate an infants 1st Valentine's Day, so all I did was throw on his bib and snap a few pictures (okay, there's a TON)...it's still worth documenting in his scrapbook, right?!?! That's the first of the two pages in this layout. The second page, "Cupid's Cutie," has to do with a contest he won on my "Mommy Message Boards," What To Expect When You're Expecting website. I submitted that picture, and he received the most votes and WON! His first award, it was a proud Mommy Moment (still is I guess).

The pages were put together with a $1 kit I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot (you never know what you'll find, so keep your eye out). I placed the tags on with eyelets to add a little something, and did a double mat for the photos. The title for "Cupid's Cutie" was cut using Plantin on the Design Studio to weld the letters together (measured the empty space on my layout and adjusted the size, once welded, to fit).


  1. I'm a new follower thanks to the linking party at getting cricky. I love all the layouts and picutes. Every year that goes by I realized who many pictures I don't have of my son. Even his senior year in High School we are still having to build poster "About me" with pictures. I really thought once out of grade school it would stop :) If he has to build on in college I'm going to strangle a teacher.

  2. This is adorable. My little man just turned 27 oh it does go fans. I am here to spread the love and I love your projects.I am a new follower. I would love to have you visit me.

  3. My Gosh! I LOVE this layout. The pics are so adorable.