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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Personalized Autograph Books

My cousin's little girl turned 2 a few months ago, and because I am such a scatter-brain, I didn't get her gift off until just recently.  I wanted to make a Disney Autograph Book to go with the little outfit we got her, so when she makes her first trip to Disneyland, she'd have something all her own for the characters to sign.  I've made several of these books, and they're just so much fun I have to keep re-posting them. 

The main book was cut at 5" from the Mickey & Friends cart, the star was also cut from M&F's at 3".  Circle and initial were cut from the Plantin cart at 3".


  1. Super cute! And an awesome I idea!! I passed along a blog award to you. Swing by and pick it up! http://oneheartscrapper.blogspot.com/2011/08/blog-award-crayon-art.html

  2. Coley, this is such a great idea! She will have so much fun using this book to get her autographs from the characters she will see! I'm sure this will be something she will hold dear to her for years to come!

    Have a great day!